AlliedOne Industrial specializes in
providing aircraft bushings and
other cylindrical components by
platform for both OEM & MRO solutions.
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AlliedOne Industrial specializes in providing aircraft bushings kitted by component or standalone, processed or unprocessed, to custom sizes or to standard sizes. Our products meet the highest industry standards, and are built using the latest technologies and advancements. We provide companies around the world with our dependable components.


AlliedOne Industrial can also provide complex turned and milled cylindrical components. Examples of this are cams, sleeves, gland nuts, anti-rotational parts, pins, bearings and pistons.

Our unique specialty is providing aircraft bushings by subcomponent.


Benefits of Ordering by Subcomponent:

•  Reduces customers’ cost per bushing due to AlliedOne Industrial’s scale and efficiencies

•  Reduces customers’ inventory costs

•  Reduces complexity of customers’ operations

•  Simplifies ordering

"A culture of Engineering Excellence"


AlliedOne Industrial is your source for build to print MRO bushings.


AlliedOne Industrial MRO bushings can be shipped kitted by component or loose, processed or unprocessed, to individual custom sizes or to standard dimensions.


For landing gear overhaul, no two platforms are alike.


For example, landing gear utilizing titanium materials on its first

overhaul can typically use MRO standard-size bushings as

replacements almost exclusively.


Older platforms must take into account the effects of corrosion on

landing gear components, requiring application specific custom

sizing of bushings. More typically, many platforms require a combination of both.


​That’s why AlliedOne Industrial offers flexible MRO specific solutions that meet a wide range of our customers’ landing gear bushing needs.


AlliedOne Industrial is ready to be your partner for MRO landing gear bushings.


AlliedOne Industrial provides the Aircraft Equipment and Landing Gear OEM market with a highly reliable supply of precision bushings.


​Our success is a result of understanding the OEMs demanding scheduling realities and then creating a supply process that conforms.


AlliedOne Industrial supplies parts in both kitted and standalone format for OEMs.


Kitted formats dramatically increase productivity for our customers by providing all bushings required for a specific component conveniently packaged together for their direct line feed.

​By replacing multiple part numbers with a consolidated kit for each of our customers subcomponents, we can greatly streamline and simplify their ordering and tracking requirements.